Sunday, April 10, 2016

Flea Market Finds and New Acquisitions

Soooooo, is it ever going to actually be Spring? It was approximately -45 degrees this morning at 5:30am when I headed off to the first Elephant's Trunk flea market of the season. I have to leave so damn early because it's a million miles away, almost to New York! But's it's totally worth the early hours and the long haul. The stuff at the Elephant's trunk is fresh, fun, and quite reasonably priced. The quality of the objects is about ten times better than at the Mansfield flea market, and the prices aren't that much more. But I do have one tiny gripe about Elephant's Trunk that needs saying. They have the worst solution ever for buyers to pick up their freshly purchased large items and furniture, which is to say there is really NO solution. The flea market field is huuuuuge, and vehicles are not allowed to drive on it to pick things up. This means you can either recruit a willing friend to help you lug a solid oak sideboard about the length of two crowded football fields or you can use one of their antique carts with square wheels. Like seriously, these are the worst most dilapidated carts on earth. After using the cart to try and drag my first two pieces of furniture back to my truck, I gave up and carried an antique desk by myself all the way across the fields. I was nearly in tears by the end, and I must admit, I'm really going to think twice about going back because of it. It's absolutely beyond asinine that they won't let people drive to the end of a row to pick up their furniture, even Brimfield let's you do that!!!!

         Anyway, enough with the ranting, which my poor friend Jess had to listen to the entire drive back. Here's what I scored!

vintage solid oak server

vintage cedar chest

early 19th century document box with the original red wash and bail brass handle

vintage solid mahogany silverware box

Antique 'Site' sign from campground

Oil on canvas landscape painting signed 'F. Coviello' and dated 1939

Antique Empire spinet desk in the original wild orange paint. 

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