Monday, April 18, 2016

A Coastal Sideboard

It was such a beautiful day today. And for the first time this year I had to slather myself with the sunscreen I found buried deep in the bathroom vanity. This was also the first day where I got to work outside the entire day. Every morning previously I've had to start in my workshop with the kerosene heater on to help transition from a freezing 32 degrees to a balmy 65 or so by afternoon. And isn't that spring in a nutshell? We start every day with a big sweater and jacket, still weary from the trauma of winter, and then by the end of the day we're sweating, the sweater and jacket have been tossed in the backseat, and the windows are wide open.
       So in the spirit of all things not wintery, I give you this very summery and coastal sideboard. It's a 100% solid oak Hitchcock piece that I scored last week at the Elephant's Trunk flea market. The client that snapped it up wanted it custom done in a playful coastal theme and I was fully on board (hehe).
        So I mixed up a new color, a teal that you only see in the clearest most tropical oceans, but that also happens to be the same exact shade as Ariel's tail in 'The Little Mermaid'. Through four coats of paint I layered variations of this color, both lighter and deeper so that, when distressing, I could get the full range of depth. I refinished the top in a driftwood gray, and recolored the bail brass pulls in a brighter, lighter shade of gold.


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