Saturday, April 2, 2016

A (not so) Little Red Cupboard

Here's the funny thing about this adorable piece of vintage furniture. It looks much smaller in the pictures than it does in real life. When I look at it in pictures it seems almost cedar chest sized, but in person, it's a sizable and handsome piece of furniture. I think it would be best suited as a media console, but it's a pretty adorable and versatile storage piece, and could lend itself to a lot of uses.

 I picked the cupboard up at the flea market last sunday, and it had already been painted once, a weird opalescent blue/pink/white that did it no favors. I sanded, stained, and sealed the top to reveal finely figured tulip poplar and maple. I painted the solid maple case in the deepest shade of rose you can mix before it hits red. It's got more body and lacks some of the bite that reds tend to have. The interior is a playful custom mixed shade of ocean. The piece is paneled and finished on all four sides, meaning you could even pop casters on it and use it as a floating kitchen island. So many options!

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