Wednesday, April 13, 2016

An Antique Blanket Chest in 'Mermaid's Tail'

This was one of three pieces of furniture I purchased at the first Elephant's Trunk flea market of the season. If you read the blog regularly you know from my last post what a nightmare it was to haul furniture to my truck from the vendor field. Totally worth it. TOTALLY WORTH IT. Look how sweet this blanket chest turned out! I'm in love! I had to strip all the old veneer off the top. Sometimes veneer can be saved, sometimes it has to be removed and it comes off in satisfying big strips, and sometimes it comes up in horrible little spiky bits and you end up with hands full of splinters and run out of curse words and patience long before the project is finished. This was one of the latter. I'd say whomever buys this should leave it outside for a few hours before bringing it into their home, just to let some of the curses wear off it, I mean I got really REALLY creative in my swears. It might be jinxed, it's probably jinxed. But it's so cute it doesn't matter!

           And underneath that horrible stupid damned veneer was yummy chestnut that came out beautifully after all that work! I painted the case in a new custom mixed teal called 'Mermaid's Tail'. I actually mixed the color for another project I'm doing this week, but I liked it so well I decided to use it on the blanket chest too. The chest is lined in cedar and finished on all four sides. You could put it at the foot of the bed or use it as a coffee table!

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