Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Sweet Blue Cupboard

I got this funky little blue maple cupboard a couple weeks ago. It's cute as can be, solid maple, one piece, neat and tidy, and probably dates to about 1940. I couldn't decide whether to paint the 'counter' portion or sand it and re-stain it. Bringing it back to wood would take loads more work and time, but then I noticed the lovely grain figuring, it's got a bit of tiger maple in there, and I just couldn't resist.
       I painted the case in a custom bright blue that I've named 'Inkwell', and included the inspiration inkwell in the photo shoot. The architecture of the piece is fairly simple so I thought I bright pop of color would be just the ticket to make this little cupboard special. I painted the inset doors in a lighter shade of blue in the same color family as 'Inkwell', and the backboard and interior are in one of my favorite custom mixed creams. I liberally distressed the piece and sealed it with dark wax. I've staged it with my collection of vintage glass pitchers. I had no idea I had this many until I gathered them all up in one place for this photo shoot!

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