Tuesday, February 9, 2016

An Empire Dresser in Soft Blue Green

I've been busy. I'm not sure how many pieces of furniture I've completed in the last week but I think it's somewhere around ten. Generally that's how many I might finish in the entire month of February. It's a bad month for furniture refinishing. I have to work in my workshop instead of outside where the fumes aren't so bad, it's bitterly cold, and so the sanding I have to do outside is miserable, and everything takes forever to dry. Usually business is painfully slow and my sources for fresh furniture almost completely dry up.
        So this February hasn't followed any of those patterns. The weather's been amazingly mild, and even though we've gotten a bit of snow, it's not the soul crushing mountains of the white stuff that bury February most months. In fact, my daffodils are starting to come up! And maybe because of the warm weather, business has been booming. Lots of custom work and lots of great antique furniture to refinish on spec. This fantastic antique American Empire chest of drawers is an on spec piece, so it needs a home! It's got all the great scale and bold detailing that makes Empire furniture so appealing, and is in exceptional condition. I painted the case in a custom mixed blue green that a Facebook fan named 'Ocean Suede'. I sanded, stained, and sealed the drawer fronts and top because they feature fabulous wood graining. I swapped the knobs out for a complete set of salvaged antique turned wood knobs painted in a paler spring green, to add an extra dose of color. This piece is sturdy as a rock and the drawers work perfectly- sooooo much stylish storage!!

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