Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Sweet Antique Cottage Shelf

It's been ages and ages since I painted a piece for my own home. This adorable little antique shelf had been at the top of our stairs for several years now, but when we installed our new bannister, it made the hallway feel too tight. My husband and I decided to relocate it to his office, replacing horrible cheap-o bookshelf that held some of his piano books. I think it's the very last piece of knockdown furniture that remained in the entire house, and good riddance! This shelf will look SO much better in that spot!

        I wanted to freshen the piece up a bit so I painted it in an antique white and distressed it to reveal the layers of old paint and lovely craquelure texture of the surface. I know it's a simple piece, but I photographed it anyway, mostly because I wanted an excuse to buy and arrange fresh flowers for the shoot. The spectacular vintage sign is a new purchase from one of my favorite antique shops,
 Old Beautiful in Clinton, CT.
You can check out their website here --->

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