Friday, February 5, 2016

A Federal Sideboard in Blue

It's time to come clean. Dear Heir and Space reader, I'm an addict. It's bad. I can't focus, I can't sleep well, and I'm constantly constantly on the hunt for my next good fix. It's all so horribly shameful. I'm hopelessly addicted to refinishing furniture. Not even really the refinishing part, it's the part where you look at the pictures and you're impressed and then you write nice comments and share the posts and then one of you loves the piece of furniture enough to put it in your own home. You have no idea how good that feels. It's a high I can't get anywhere else, like, not even close.

        So here I am, once more, looking for another bump. Tell you me like it, tell me you love me, tell me you love this sideboard. You do right? I know you will because I pay close attention to what you like and what you don't particularly care about. It's vintage, c.1930, it's unique, it's mahogany, and it's blue. It's all your favorite things! So please tell me I've done a good job so I can feel that warm glowy feeling for a day or so until it wears off and I need to throw another piece of furniture at you.

Also it's snowing so hard right now I'm worried my workshop is going to both collapse and blow away. We were only supposed to get 3-5 inches, and we've already got at least a foot out there!!

view out my workshop window right now. And our snow from the last storm had just finally all melted yesterday!!


  1. Jennifer Ross2/06/2016

    I LOVE THIS PIECE! And wish I were closer so I could see it in person and also so I could have a foot of snow. ��
    You do nice work!

  2. Love the shade of blue! Only wish Harry and I had the space! My sister has apiece like this with the nice legs, and I am always encouraging her to have it painted. This might inspire her!

  3. And here comes the snow again, at least on the Cape. Hope you're spared! I love your distressing. I would love this in my home, but alas, I've also got your 'bug' and collect too much furniture....just don't get rid of it! I do love to see what you transform each piece to however! Happy furniture magjic! Sandi, somewhere east of you!