Monday, February 22, 2016

An Antique Farm Cupboard in Black and Blue

I picked this sweet late 19th century pine and mahogany cupboard up from an antique store down near the coast several weeks ago. A client selected it to be custom refinished for her kitchen, in a black exterior and blue interior. I messed about with it for quite some time as the last hundred and fifty odd years had left their mark, but I finally got the structure in ship shape once more. Also, for some funny reason, the handsome carved panels of the doors had been flipped backwards so the flowers were on the inside. I swapped them back, because why hide such a nice detail! The surface work was the easy part, a soft lightly distressed and hand waxed black for the outside, a pale blue for a fun dash of color on the inside. I swapped the pulls out for a fabulous pair of aesthetic movement walnut pulls that suit it far FAR better than the little knobs that were on the drawer before. Finally, I added a pair of wood knobs, stained to match the top, to the doors, as they'd never had knobs, which made them tricky to open and close.


  1. Love it. You've got such great color sense.

  2. The client will never want to shut the doors because the blue is so very pretty with the outside!