Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Vintage Hutch in Black and Cream

I think hutches are having a moment right now. I've been getting loads of requests to custom refinish them for clients, and the ones I do on spec are selling quickly. This is fine by me as it gives me the perfect reason to buy tons of hutches. I love hutches. I love buying them, I love owning them, I love working on them, and I love selling them. They're real room makers, being so large, and always so handy what with all the storage and display space. I think everyone should own at least one hutch. I have one dear friend who has eight, or nine, I've lost count at this point.

          I got this c.1965 solid rock maple Temple Stuart hutch from Carl the Furniture Guy, and though I was dying to start it immediately, I had to be patient and finish several other projects first. I knew right away that I wanted to do it in black with a cream backboard and interior and with brass hardware. I ordered the hardware online, and while I waited for it to arrive I set to work sanding, staining, and a sealing the top of the base, and painting the entire case in a rich satin-y black.
I'm pleased as punch with how it turned out, and hope it finds a good home soon, because the one downside to hutches is that they take up A LOT of space in my workshop!

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  1. Love the color combo of this one with the brass pulls. And of course your styling is always on point. :-)