Monday, February 22, 2016

A Vintage Record Cupboard in Yellow

Usually around once a week I try to swing through a goodwill store to see if there's any furniture laying about which might benefit from some swipes with a paint brush. My favorite stores are located in Middletown and on the Berlin Turnpike, from both of which I've scored fabulous pieces of furniture. I'll also zip into the goodwill 'boutique' in Glastonbury, and the great big store in Rocky Hill on occasion. This adorable little vintage mahogany record cupboard came from the Middletown Goodwill, through which I breezed last Thursday. I was quite reticent about it at first, It needed a great deal of work, and was rather plain, but after walking around the store twice I kept returning to it. It was marked $30, which seemed a bit high, but I finally decided I might as well see what could be done for it. I was extremely pleased to see it ring up at 50% off- all the better.

            The piece had lost its backboard at some point, but, a testament to it's fine construction, it had not developed a wobble as a result. I added a fresh backboard, and also a solid piece of mahogany to the interior of the top. When what I'm assuming was a record player or similar contraption was unceremoniously yanked out goodness knows how many decades ago, two giant gaping holes had been left where there should have been a complete shelf. Trim, and a nice fat piece of salvaged 19th century mahogany solved that problem straight away. I sanded, stained, and sealed the top, which now glows with a finely grained luster, and painted the case in a custom mixed bright mustard yellow.  Since I spotted a little bunch of crocuses coming up in Middletown just this morning in the exact same shade, I've decided to name this yellow 'First Crocus'. It's almost a month early for crocuses, but you won't hear a breath of complaint from me. I love spring, and the early it chooses to show up, the happier I am.

      I highlighted the nice detail trim in a paler yellow, and painted the interior of the top and the bottom in an antique white. Finally I replaced the slightly small brass pulls with larger more ornate ones. I adore this piece and I hope it finds a good home!

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