Friday, February 12, 2016

A Vintage Maple Desk with Ferns

And finally for today before I go off to spend the best evening ever with my best friend (slumber party!!!) Here's a maple desk that I actually refinished twice. This is one half of a pair that I refinished way back in September. Initially I painted them in a custom mixed red....and they sat and sat and sat in my workshop. Ok, I get it, ya'll aren't feeling the brick reds. And so I went ahead and re-did the tall dresser once again in a spring green with hand painted ferns on the drawer fronts.... and it sat and sat and sat. But then last week someone finally came to look at it, and LOVED it. Hooray! And then the client asked if I happened to have any other dressers. I showed him the few pieces I had on hand, but none were really hitting home for him, and then I remembered the little maple desk that had once matched the dresser. I showed him the piece and explained I could refinish it in ferns too so they could be a matched set once more, and he was delighted. And I'm delighted. It's not a huge sale, and all told I've probably lost money on the pair since I had to spend so much time re-doing them, but I'm so glad they're staying together, and going to such an appreciative home! I get sappy about furniture, it's a side effect in this line of work!

So here's the link to the first time I refinished the set


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