Saturday, January 2, 2016

New Floors for the New Year

Happy New Year! I've got a good feeling about 2016. For starters I didn't get drunk as a skunk on NYE, so I'm diving into the year fresh and ready. The house got a bit of an overhaul this week too.  Finally installed an upstairs bannister, painted the piano room, added curtains to the living room, dining room, and piano room, AND put in wood floors on the front porch.

          The porch still had the distressingly tired pink industrial carpet that was installed ages ago by the previous owner. It's been on my 'must fix' list for far far too long, especially considering it was barely a full weekend project, and well under a thousand dollars to do. And as you can see, the result is so pretty!

Here's the unfinished pine boards all nailed in place. Already so much better!

Applying stain. I choose minwax Red Oak.

First coat of poly. These fumes were killer and I was wicked dizzy afterward. 

And after the second coat, soooo shiny!

And here it is with the furniture all put back in place!


  1. The floor looks so beautiful! Happy New Year!

  2. Anonymous1/02/2016

    You amaze me! I am doing a laundry room over, sweating in Florida as I complete the process. All I had to contend with was the " moving" of the washer and dryer- albeit back , forth and around. I have been at this a week. Your blog issdelightful, I am amazed at your ability to astound us. Do you have elfs? Bev Martin