Monday, January 11, 2016

Bennington Pine in Bennington Buff

This poor woebegotten dresser, it had seen better days, which was probably the reason I got it for a whopping $17 at the goodwill about a month ago. And since I was slammed with custom work, it got ignored once more. Finally last week I happen to mention it to a client who was looking for a large long dresser, and this one fit the bill! She and her husband had purchased an antique empire dresser from me last fall in a custom mixed shade called 'Bennington Buff', and they wanted to have this piece match. Funnily, the dresser is made by the Bennington Pine furniture company, so Bennington Buff is, of course, the most perfect color for it.
         I sanded, stained, and sealed the top, which went from horrible to spectacular- so satisfying! I painted the case and lightly distressed it, then sealed it with dark wax. The client opted to keep the original Chippendale pulls, which had oxidized nicely. We moved the two pulls from the interior drawers up to the top line of drawers so they would match. I had another pair of vintage Chippendale pulls that fit perfectly for the interior drawers, so I added them in.

And here's the original empire dresser in Bennington Buff. 

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