Sunday, January 3, 2016

An Ethan Allen Cherry Hutch in Blue

Let's start 2016 off with a bang! This is my favorite project I've ever done, and to date, I feel it's my best work. Am I allowed to say that? Well I am. This poor vintage solid cherry Ethan Allen hutch had seen better days. I suspect it had been stored somewhere damp at some point, causing quite a bit of the original glue to let go. It had lost its shelves for the top, and someone had started to sand the top of the base, badly, and given it up as a bad job. Also, a drawer lip was broken, and both backboards were coming off. A client approached me with the piece to see if anything could be done for it. I mean, solid cherry, ETHAN ALLEN, yes, we were going to bring the beauty back to life and then some.
        First I sanded the top. Under the old surface and the hack job was a flawless piece of cherry with excellent graining. I stained and sealed it. Next I set to work repairing the case. I filled the old hardware holes and some nicks and gouges, clamped and re-glued every single door on the bottom section, and fixed the broken drawer lip. I reattached the backboards, and made new shelves for the top. Then I prepped the case, sanding all the smooth surfaces and priming the interior, as it was going to be a light color. I choose a custom mixed medium blue I've named Portland Federal for the exterior, and a custom mixed dark cream called Unbleached Muslin for the interior. The shelves are in blue for some poppy contrast in the interior. I swapped the tired Chippendale pulls for more modern burnished copper cup pulls with matching knobs for a cleaner look. Finally I distressed the case and sealed it with my custom made dark wax. It's going to a spectacular kitchen in a spectacular home in a spectacular spot in Ridgefield.

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