Friday, January 15, 2016

Garth's Americana Auction

Ooooo goodness do I ever love a good Garth's Auction. I know I probably shouldn't have favorites, but they're my favorite auction house. They seem to always assemble sales chock full of the most fascinating and beautiful objects, and I always come away from reading their catalog feeling motivated and inspired. How could I not share these treasures with you??
      You can and should view the entire auction catalog here-

And here are my top picks. The auction starts tomorrow morning, and you can bid online- it couldn't be any easier to buy a spectacular antique!

Lot 16
Look at this fabulous antique rowboat. I know that's an odd thing, but it's very petite, and that paint surface!! Just picture it hung on a wall as the focal point in the great room of some terrific coastal home!!

Lot 30

I can always trust Garth's to provide a huge batch of gorgeously painted early furniture to challenge me to push the limits with my paint treatments on newer objects. The soft glow on this sweet cupboard, the wonderful range of color from salmon to deep raspberry. Ugh, so pretty, so ridiculously pretty!

Lot 38

I collect antique 'antiques' signs. I just wandered around my house and counted, I have eight so far. Look at that top sign. I'd love to make that number nine in my collection. The lettering alone is so silly and adorable, and then it has a spinning wheel and a slant top desk!? Best thing ever!

Lot 48

I feel like I pick out a group of pantry boxes in just about every auction I preview. And yet I don't own any. Surely that should be a 2016 goal! The colors on this group are especially lovely. 

Lot 69

Whoa, this sign is so cool. It's got so much architectural detailing, the condition is awesome, and then the paint decoration, be still my heart! It's my top pick of the sale. I'd chop my left hand off in trade for this, but I'm fairly sure Garth's no longer accepts limbs as a form of payment. 

Lot 80

This little rocking horse is so sweet and humble. A stunning pure example of folk art. The horse cut out is quite minimalist, the soft blue paint has been worn by untold numbers of chubby little toddler fingers. A simple piece worn to the point of perfection. 

Lot 119

And while we're on the topic of fantastic paint surfaces- THIS COUNTER. Holy sweet mother. That color is the bomb. The paneling, the restraint of the straight simple lines. Someday we're going to have a tavern in our cellar. It's a dream at this point, probably at least a year off. Which kills me, because this would be utterly perfect. All the perfect. 

Lot 171

I mean, it's hardly fair. Me having no play money because my truck needed a surprise brake job yesterday, and Garth's all but assaulting me with gorgeous things that I clearly need. Another fantastic antique 'antiques' sign!? With a Bellamy style eagle on top?! SHUT UP. 

Lot 268

I know a lot of you who read this blog are not active antique collectors. But there's no good reason everyone shouldn't have antiques scattered about their home. Look at this darling little grain painted box. You can't tell me you don't have some perfect spot for this somewhere in your home! It would add such a nice pop of color and substance to a desk, console,
server, sideboard, you need this, trust me. 

Lot 293

And how sweet is this handsome dog sculpture. Look at him with ears pricked and eyes alert. Wouldn't it be great next to an umbrella stand in an entryway, greeting every guest with a little sculptural eye candy as they enter your home!

Lot 299

This one is all about the color for me. There was this dreadful period in the eighties and nineties when everyone with an old home seemed to think they should only have woodwork and objects in 'colonial' colors. That amounted to a flat cranberry red, and the most soulless medium green that's ever existed. Guess what, early objects were bold BOLD. Just look at the raucous shade of robin's egg on this mid 19th century cupboard. It's terrific.

Lot 331

But I know bold colors are not for everyone, so here's a gorgeous little apothecary chest in a perfect shade of bone white. All those wee little drawers! It would be such a fun and unexpected jewelry and accessory storage piece! Oh oooo, or in an office, you could put all different beautiful types of notecards and stamps in the drawers and send all your friends fancy letters. They'd all be so impressed. 

Lot 394

Personally though, I like loud colors. I mean, come on, how fun is this early 19th century corner cupboard. It's punching you in the face with its awesomeness. Put it in a room with antique white walls, worn chestnut floors, all unpainted wood furniture otherwise, a bunch of antique maps and lithographs on the walls, and then fill it with an amazing collection of oyster plates. Let is stand as a beacon of wonderful form and surface. Boom, I just designed the perfect dining room. 

Lot 440

I'm such a sucker for glass. I have a friend who would shout at me because I don't know nearly enough about it. I just think it's pretty and delicate. The way the subtly different colors glow in the light. And it never ceases to amaze me that these fragile objects have survived so many generations in remarkably beautiful condition. 

Lot 510

You know what else I'm a sucker for? Chartreuse. And velvet, and antique wingback chairs. And here we have all of that, in one magnificent throne of decadent style. I should own this just so I can write all my blog posts whilst ensconced in its indulgent beauty.

Lot 343

And finally this antique bottle that's the color of whiskey lit by firelight. I know that's a disgustingly whimsical way to describe the shade, but this is my blog and I do what I want. And I love the swirls along the body getting tighter and tighter as they climb up that graceful neck. It's like a jewel. 

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