Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Vintage Thomasville French Country Armoire

I've had this stunning vintage fruitwood armoire by Thomasville for about a month now. I'll admit, the size intimidated me. In the end, as is usually the case, the furniture I worry about the most is by far the most satisfying to refinish. Now before you yell at me for painting this, what you can't see in the before picture is that the case had been dinged and gouged in several places, there was a hole in the backboard, the shelves were missing, and it had that atrocious 1980s faux pecan splatter finish that I can't believe anyone ever thought attractive. Oh but look at the shape, the carving, that spectacular gently arching top molding, and of course, the wire doors!
                  So first I set to work putting this beauty back into working order, I patched the hole with bondo, and then sanded it smooth, and filled all the dings and gouges the same way. I removed the wire door inserts so I could paint without worrying about getting it on them, and prepped the case for painting. I used a custom mixed color called Antique Alabaster, an ivory shade with quite a lot of body to it, and did the interior in a warm wheat color called Sandstone. I cut new pine shelves to fit, and painted them in the alabaster for a little contrast. I distressed the case, and sealed with wax. It's the perfect piece for storage in a bedroom, or it could be used in a kitchen, stacked with beautiful plates and glassware!

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