Monday, January 11, 2016

A Sweet Pair of Vintage Pine Side tables

I don't typically refinish small pieces like this on spec. To be honest there's not margin in them and they generally lack the 'wow' factor of the larger pieces. That being said, I got these for free, so how could I say no! They're probably from the 1970s, right around the bicentennial when everyone wanted chunky pine furniture for a 'Colonial' look. Most of that pine stuff was quite well built, and lends itself to a cottage remake now. I painted these in a luscious custom mixed blue green color that I asked my Facebook followers to help me name. There were some great name suggestions including a dozen variations on mint ("spearmint", "frosty mint", "mint dream", and "creamy mint"), a lot of water related names ( "ocean mist", "sea foam green", "calming seas", and "ocean"), and some ones that made me chuckle, ("Red" - Benny, "Time for a new brush" Osama, and "idk but can ya sell me a gallon"- Allison). In the end I went with 'Beyond the Sea' which was suggested by Becca Nichols. Thanks Becca- great choice!!

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