Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A Mora Clock in Blue

Here's a piece that started out in my personal collection. It's one of only two 'Mora' style clocks I've ever seen on craigslist. The real ones sell for a small fortune, and I don't know about you, but small fortunes (or large ones) are something I'm generally short on. So when I saw this clock on craigslist, and only two towns over a few years back I zipped straight over to buy it. It was originally black, and as heinous as the wonderful form would allow. It had red toleware inspired flowers up the case and this tacky floral pastel painted dial. Yes that's right, it had primary color red, yellow, and green flowers all over the case, and pink and baby blue flowers on the dial. It was a thing of rare and extraordinary tackiness. I painted it immediately, I would have painted it while still driving home had safety and physics allowed it.
         As with 99% of the furniture that goes in my house, it got painted a pale green, and I just adored it, though the clock mechanism itself never actually worked. Finally my tastes changed and it got moved to my workshop, where it's collected dust for two years. Last week I decided it was not fair for me to keep this lovely piece to myself when I'm no longer using it, and so I set to work reinventing it once more. I sanded the green paint down and roughed up the surface for a fresh color. This time I went with a rich slate blue on the exterior and painted the clever interior storage in a pale gray that leans towards blue. I took the dial out and repainted it, including all the tricky numerals, in a much simpler style (buh-bye pastel flowers!) and ordered a new clock mechanism so it would finally keep time.

And if you want to learn a bit 'mora' about Mora clocks, here's a post I did a long time ago-

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  1. Is this available for sale? Beautiful!!