Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Unique Mahogany hutch with 'Correct Interiors'

I get to meet so many fascinating people on my furniture travels. Between the folks I buy furniture from at tagsales, fleamarkets, and craigslist, and the folks I sell furniture to, it's a steady stream of new faces. And what's especially wonderful about that is that each piece of furniture then has its own story, it's own provenance as it were, however humble.
      I bought this spectacular antique mahogany hutch off of craigslist from the loveliest man. He was an antiques enthusiast and I got to peruse some of his beautiful artwork collection before we loaded the hutch up into my truck. The hutch had belonged to his grandmother, and it dates to right around 1920. One of the drawers retains the original brass plaque identifying the maker. It reads, "John A. Colby and Sons. Chicago/Evanston. Since 1866. Correct Interiors." I can only imagine that final bit refers to the fact that the drawers are made with solid mahogany, correct indeed, but heavy as well!
      I refinished it custom for one of my favorite clients, who all but collects my hutches. I think he has seven or eight of them now (how flattering!). We decided on a slate blue for the exterior and then he gave me free reign for the rest of the design decisions. I created a custom mixed cream with a full body and rich tone for the interior, it's named 'Peach Chardonnay'. The exterior blues are mixed just for this client. The main blue is called 'Windsor Blue', and the paler panel sections are in 'Amelia'.

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  1. I LOVE that little center faux drawer with the clever inside. How cool is that?