Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Connecticut Spring Antiques Show Part 2

And here is the group of pictures from the second half of the show!

Amazing figural sheet weathervane

I loved this drawing box.

Boldly paint decorated chest of drawers

A particularly fine still life

I think I've shown you this sign before. I admire it every time I see it at a show.

I'm not sure I've ever seen silhouettes and silk embroidery combined. I know my mom will like this. It's right up her alley.

Stunning long drop leaf table.

The cabinet-ware sign is fantastic.

Gorgeous corner cupboard in blues and whites, and some black along the base

I admired this floral still life for a long time. 

It's a shame there's a shadow on this picture but I wanted to show you anyway. I adored this bucolic landscape.

Very cool color combination on this set of band boxes

And the lid on this basket is just spectacular!

A glass blower's whimsey. It's a massive staff made of glass!

fraternal order paraphernalia. 

And the sweetest little folk art painting of strawberries.

A nicely painted piece

Incredible early ship portrait by Frederick Jurgen Huge 

One of the best pieces of furniture on the show floor- this glazed top cupboard is so so spectacular!

Oil on canvas ship portrait

Handsome pair of early 19th century fire buckets

Quite the trade sign!

We all liked these pieces of angel form architectural salvage

Look at the wonderful early slippers!

Sooooo much beautiful glass!

Loved this tumbler

And thought about buying these

Bold geometric quilt

Incredibly fine 18th century secretary from the Connecticut River Valley.

Looooooved this banner weathervane

This 18th century cupboard was teensy teensy, and had the nicest old dry surface

Jess proclaimed this birdhouse to be haunted

Such a beautiful pair of landscape paintings in Jeff Cooley's booth.

My top pick of the show is this green 18th century cupboard in Hilary and Paulette Nolan's booth. The over the top molding, the bold color, the narrow form. Everything about this is terrific!!

Nelson Augustus Moore's painting box! Amazing!

Jewett and Berdan Antiques had an early dry sink in the best shade of blue you will EVER see! 

And finally an early pole screen with canvas work insert.

And here's what I bought!

I saw this early 19th century mirror with old yellow paint over the original gilt and knew I had to have it. It's hanging in my dining room now and it makes me smile every single time I glance over at it. 

And I purchased this lovely set of three early 19th century blown wine glasses. So pretty!!

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