Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Antique Dresser in Purple

Now here's a color I don't get to use often enough. This was a custom piece for one of my best friends who has a great eye for color, being quite the artist herself. We're working together to add a little more punch to her beautiful bedroom- blues and purples!

This excellent antique oak dresser is about one hundred years old. It has gorgeous glass drawer pulls and nice lines. I liked it so well I had originally kept it for myself, but in moving the secretary up to the guest room, this piece came available. We painted the case in a delicious purple, Purple Lotus, and did a lace treatment on the drawer fronts in cream to give the piece even more character. I distressed it and then finished it with a dark wax. I added the new top which is solid pine and smooth as glass.

The color reminds me a lot of crocuses! 

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