Friday, March 27, 2015

From Side of the Road to Server

I've had this piece hidden away for a long long long time. I snatched it off the side of the road last July and had not yet gotten around to refinishing it. It's solid rock maple, and dated on the inside of the case '1950'. I imagine it ended up cast away because two of the drawers were damaged. I didn't need or want the drawers, so that suited me just fine. I added a solid pine top and two pine shelves that contrast nicely with the pale blue and distressed paint. The drawer pulls are 19th century, for a little more character. I'm calling this a server but really it would be nice in a multitude of settings- as a spare kitchen counter, as a tv stand, in a hallway, or as a server in a dining room.

1 comment:

  1. This is another one that I would like to know the dimensions. I am looking for something for a specific spot so I may be asking dimensions for a few pieces. Also, if you can give me the size of the square tiles on the floor that will help as I notice some of the pieces are placed there. Thank you.