Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Connecticut Spring Antiques Show

Easily one of my favorite shows of the year, The Connecticut Spring Show draws antiques dealers from across the state and across the country to show (and sell) their gorgeous wares. For me it always marks the true start of spring. The Hartford Armory where the show is held glows with natural sunlight from the windows stories above, and the aisles are always lined with forsythia. To wander up and down the rows is nothing short of magical. I took lots of pictures because there were so many wonderful things to be seen, so I'll be breaking this up into two posts. I did not do a great  job about recording what booth the objects were in, so if you spot something you'd like me to track down for you, just shoot me an email and I'll find the dealer who had the piece.

And without further ado~

First thing I saw when I walked in the door was this superb 19th century hooked rug. 

A charming group of figural choppers

Someday I'll have enough put by to get a set of graduated chestnut bottles.

This redware platter is AH-MAZING. 

My friend Becca wanted a picture of this gun. 

John Chaski Antiques had this incredible, knock-your-socks-off apple green paint decorated blanket chest. 

And a fabulous collection of mochaware mugs and pitchers 

And finally John Chaski had a pair of these beautiful early plates, which I'm kicking myself for not buying. I thought about them the entire drive home. Damn. 

Incredible roadster weathervane

Some sweet wee wallpaper boxes (another thing I'd like to start collecting)

This gorgeous landscape has so much movement and depth!!

Two great hooked rugs frame a delicious bit of architectural salvage.

Nice apothecary jar. 

My friend Jess swooned over all the cow paintings. I couldn't agree more with her. I want one!!

The wonderful Mr. Kirt Crump had this stunning clock. One of my favorite objects on the floor. 

How cool is this blue jay whirligig!!

This reminds me a bit of Rivendell. Wonderful colors on it. 

A nice big breadboard

I always love a graduated stack of boxes.

Jess posing with a fantastic early oak English table. 

And then I got distracted by Becca's incredible Tolkien sweatshirt!

The lettering, bold yellow hue, carriage striped paint decoration. I adore everything about this mid 19th century box!

Think of all the hilarious decorating opportunities this early 20th century trade sign would provide!

Two beautiful ship portraits

A nice piece of needlework

Another of my top picks from the show. LOOK AT THIS CAT PAINTING. I could die. I love it that much. It even looks like my cat Toni!!

Wonderful pencil portrait c. 1830. Reminds me a bit of the work of J. M. Crowley. 

And a beautifully composed schoolgirl mourning scene.

And finally a nice group of cobalt decorated stoneware. 

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