Friday, March 6, 2015

A Server in Sky Blue

I picked up a large group of furniture last Saturday - that mid century modern dresser and the little block front dresser that I've already finished- and finally this gigantic server. I must admit, when I first saw it in person, I almost passed on it. It's so big and I was a little intimidated. I'm so so glad that we decided to take it, and managed to load it in the truck. I adore this piece to the point that I measured every wall in my house yesterday to see if there was a spot for it so I could keep it. There isn't so one of you will need to give this a good home. I painted the dark case in a bright sky blue, sanded the counter and stained it in English Chestnut, then sealed it, and then distressed and dark waxed the case. The knobs are original and re-colored, but I swapped out the other Chippendale pulls for more modern nickel cove pulls. The piece is 100% solid pine, made in Bennington Vermont. It's on casters (that you can't see) so it's easy to move around. It would be so perfect as a sideboard in a dining room, or as extra counter space in a country kitchen, or of course you could use it as a dresser- oodles of storage!!

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