Friday, March 27, 2015

G. Fox and Solid Maple

         For those of you who are local to Connecticut, G. Fox means something. It means quality, and just a hint of sophistication. For those of you not from around here, G.Fox was THE department store in downtown Hartford for decades. This solid maple dresser and matching mirror are the first pieces I've ever handled with a G. Fox provenance. They both have their original labels still on the back. I'd guess they're from about 1950.

        I painted both pieces in a custom mixed shade of blue/almost lilac. I asked Facebook fans to name the color and my favorite response was 'Love Child', because as my friend Becca put it "Indigo and slate grey are my two favorite colors... and this is their love child "

       I distressed the edges and finished the case with a dark wax. I sanded stained, and sealed the solid maple top and my is it lovely.


accidentally caught myself in this one!


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