Monday, December 9, 2013

The New Velvet Sofa

I just snapped a couple quick pictures this morning because I'm so so excited about my new antique sofa and I just had to show it to you! It's an amazing golden velvet, with just a hint of green, and the couch itself is from the 1920s. The wood work is out of this world. Now I have to get rid of that other ugly leather chair, and put in something lighter and fresher. Hurray!!


  1. Anonymous12/09/2013

    Another great score !!!!!!!
    What a beautiful sofa. It's perfect for your home and the color is amazing.

  2. Very nice sofa! It looks great! I love antique furniture. Not only because it's usually made better than the stuff is today, but also because it has a history. I do have to say, though...I kind of like the leather chair. It has a unique shape and I love the legs. If you were in Michigan, I'd take it off your hands! But I can understand wanting something lighter.

  3. Ooooh -- I love the shape of it!