Friday, December 6, 2013

Dreamy Landscapes

I'm such a sucker for impressionist landscape paintings, both new and old. On January 1st when I take my Holiday stuff down and put up my early spring stuff, I'll be hanging lots of pieces from my personal collection. I'd like to snag a few more though, and I've included some pictures of pieces that caught my eye through my antique travels, as well as quite a few that I've picked up over the years from flea markets, tag sales, and antique shops. What's your favorite style of art?

These first two paintings I picked up from local artist Adam Brown last year

I actually got this gorgeous painting the same day at the flea market. It was a good day for art!

I got this painting last winter at an antiques shop in Maine

This little gem is one of my favorites. I purchased it from the artist's daughter. She said it was of a big chicken barn just around the corner from where she grew up.

I got this one this past fall at the flea market

I picked this up at a local antique shop a couple years ago.
It was only $10 and is still one of my very favorite paintings!

Here's a whole group of paintings that I've seen at antique shops and shows
 and I took pictures of because they were so beautiful!

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  1. Beautiful! I don't have enough wall space to hang all that I have, plus all the ones I'd love to have!