Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Matching Chair and My House in the Snow

       My husband had a little break between all his piano lessons this afternoon so we had a nice lunch at our favorite coffee shop, picked up a few last minute Christmas presents, and zipped over to the local indoor flea market. I've been on a tireless hunt to find the perfect chair to go with my new-to die for- antique sofa. I didn't expect much from the flea market, it's usually pretty junky- but I just happened to discover the perfect chair there today! Now, the upholstery needs to be replaced (hey Mom- I have a project for you!) but the shape, style, and size is just perfect. I can't tell you how much bigger and brighter the room feels now that we've gotten both giant leather pieces out of there!
        On an unrelated note, I got up early for the gym a couple days ago and was inspired to snap a few pictures of the sunrise and the freshly fallen snow. It snowed again last night and all of our town looks like a winter wonderland! Happy Holidays!
So, as you can tell, I didn't sweep between pulling the big leather chair out and putting the new velvet one in LOL.

so much fresher and brighter!!

our cottage in the snow

A view of the sunrise and the distant hills from our front yard. This is also the view from our master bedroom windows, which I love.

The back yard with my workshop in the foreground and my husband's new guest house/studio in the background

And one more pretty sunrise picture!

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  1. That chair is going to be gorgeous when you get it recovered, it has great style. I love your home and it's so pretty in the snow and with that lovely sky - great photos! Thanks for sharing at my History & Home party, featuring this on the Features Pinterest board! -Dawn