Sunday, December 15, 2013

New Acquisitions on a Snowy Sunday

I just thought I'd share with you some of the new (antique) stuff I've picked up in the last couple of weeks. It seems like I'm rarely home during sunlight, so it's been hard for me to get good pictures, but today I made a point of catching up on some things.
          First, I moved my little antique shelf up to the upstairs hallway to hold the overflow of my interior design magazine and book collection.
        As you may remember, I'm on an antique quilt kick at the moment. I've bought two in the last week off ebay. One is a c.1930s whole cloth floral quilt. The edges are frayed but the rest of it is strong, and it's so soft and sweet. The other is a yellow appliqué quilt, c. 1900-1920. It's in dynamite condition, and so stunning.
         I also zipped over to a new antique shop two Sundays ago and bought a set of three antique brass crane sculptures and an antique black box.
        Finally, I bought a goooooorgeous 19th century aluminum trunk from my friend Leslie who purchased it on craigslist. It's just what I want as the coffee table in the upstairs of the studio guesthouse. Since that building's not ready to be furnished yet, it's chilling on my enclosed porch until then.

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  1. I would love to find a little bookcase like that! It's wonderful! I'm a quiltmaker and I know the work that goes into them, so it always warms my heart to see someone appreciating and preserving one, let alone two! Thanks so much for sharing this at my History & Home party, I hope you keep coming back, each Tuesday :) Wishing you blessings ~ Dawn @ We Call It