Tuesday, December 3, 2013

If I Could Buy Everything on Craigslist

I have too much stuff at the moment. I seriously need to unload some furniture and decorative objects to de-clutter my life a bit. I might hold a tagsale or something. That doesn't stop me from tirelessly scanning craigslist, however. But I'm being good at the moment, only window shopping. We can't really put much in the guest house until we get the floors installed- which is at least a month out. Yesterday I grabbed some pictures of things that caught my eye on craigslist if I had bottomless pockets and a gigantic house.
An antique fireplace mantle salvaged from a brownstone. 

A terrific antique sign.

I love the elegant retro style of this sunburst mirror.

A gorgeous antique mirror 

I've always wanted an antique double drainboard sink

Beautiful wrought iron firebacks

A terrific Aesthetic movement mantle

This dining set would be so perfect for the guest house. I showed it to my husband, but I've been strictly forbade from buying anything for the building yet.

I adore this antique stepback cupboard

A stunning antique gate

A class antique geometric appliqué quilt

This incredibly cool metal storage cabinet

An irresistible antique shop counter

I loved this antique classical chest

A farm table turned rustic chic coffee table

And finally a beautiful early 19th century chest with turned feet and federal oval brasses.

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