Sunday, December 8, 2013

Antiquing With My Parents

My love affair with antiques started at a very young age. I'm pretty sure I was happily traipsing around auctions and flea markets well before the tender age of ten. I vividly remember attending the rowdy, smoke filled Mascoutah auction when I was about 11- vigorously bidding on antique textiles. I have my parents to thank for this. Antiquing time was our time, and some of my very happiest childhood memories are of scouring antique malls and shops with my parents in tow, to find dusty old treasures.
This tradition lives on today, and though my parents now live several hours away, when ever I go home to visit, we try to make a little time to antique. It's particularly fun because, in my humble opinion, the antique stores on the Southern coast of Maine are much much better than those here in central Connecticut. I've already made my parents promise to make some antiquing time while I'm up visiting for Christmas, and here are some highlights from our antiquing excursion last winter.
Also, this is the start of my weekend (thanks weird work schedule) so I've got tons of content I'll be posting in the next two days. I've got some completed projects to show you, some new acquisitions, and today I'm not only picking up the velvet sofa of my dreams, but also a spectacular vintage dining set. Hurray!
A lovely antique painter's palette. I actually ended up getting a great one on etsy a few months after this.

I've always had a soft spot for fine calligraphy pieces

Who could resist this charming porker!

A great piece of architectural salvage. Just picture this hanging over a couch in a family room. So cool.

I loved these elegant marble lamps

And I still regret not buying this mantel last year. I hemmed and hawed over it and ended up leaving it behind. 

And here's the couch. I'm walking on sunshine I'm so excited to get this into my house. It's so so perfect. As a refresher- here's my post a couple weeks ago on my love for velvet sofas.

Here's the dining set I'm picking up this evening- vintage and goooorgeous!

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