Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Chair to Match

So as you know- I upgraded my sofa situation on Sunday. Big shout out to my dear friend Leslie who helped me haul the world's largest, ugliest couch out of my house, even though she had a sinus infection. She's such a trooper. Every time I'm downstairs I have to spend several seconds staring admiringly at my new velvet sofa. It's simply the most spectacular thing I've ever owned.
      As my husband pointed out (much to my surprise as he usually don't think in that direction) our leather armchair now sticks out like a sore thumb next to the beauty of the new sofa. I love that armchair. I got it off the side of the road a couple years ago and it's insanely comfortable. We'll be putting it in the guest house- and it will be replaced by something a little more elegant. So what to put in its place?? Well, clearly I want the armchair to be antique, and french country, and most likely gold/green velvet like the sofa. I feel quite certain if I'm just patient, I'll find the perfect chair on craigslist before too long. Here is about what I'm looking for:

So here's the room with the new couch. The highlighted chair is the one that needs to go.

I like this one that's on craigslist. It's only a couple towns over and the gold velvet looks like a good match. I'm just not sure it's substantial enough.

This one is gorgeous. I like the combination of exposed frame and lots of cushioning.
It looks like it would be quite comfortable. 

I don't need a pair- but these are exactly what I'm looking for. A little more interesting and French country than a standard Queen Anne Wingback Chair, but also visually substantial and cozy. 

I like this clean lines of this option. I think all the curves would compliment the sofa well.

A stunning classic example. I would be delighted to score a chair like this.

So over the top and elegant. I think it might be a little too fussy, but still really tempting and pretty.

This one is on craigslist in the town that I work in. I could literally pick it up on my way home form work today. Admittedly, its spectacular, but I think my cats would do a number on the cane back...

Another craigslist option. I might not want to match the gold velvet, and maybe go with another color for a more eclectic look. I really like the soft moss gray color of this one. 

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