Friday, March 29, 2013

Upstairs Progress

Phew! Sorry for the long break in posts this week. My mother came down from Maine on Monday afternoon and we've spent the last few days finishing the plumbing for the newly installed bathroom upstairs. We now have a working toilet and sink. The shower is all plumbed but obviously won't be useable until our glass enclosure is installed and the tile is up. Here are some pictures. This is the last piece of the puzzle, and we've basically been working around the bathroom space, finishing all the other areas, until we could get the rough in complete. Now the end is truly in sight, and we'll have a real upstairs and not a construction site before summer! I've attached two pictures. One is of our vanity with working sink (!!) and the other a view from the master bedroom into the bathroom of the shower structure, with the toilet in the background. To go from only one bathroom to two in the house feels like such a luxury! We need to finish the walls and paint in the bathroom. The mirror over the vanity is just a little temporary one until we paint the walls and hang the big gilt framed one. I'll be finishing some furniture and hitting up the tag sales tomorrow, so I should have lots and lots to show you over the weekend. Happy Friday!
To the left of the vanity we're building a little wall that will enclose the plumbing. I built the vanity from a vintage hutch bottom, refinished the top, cut a hole for the sink and painted the base a cream color. The center drawer is faux now because the sink is behind it. 

We're doing classic black and white small octagonal tiles of the floor, all white small octagonal tiles on the interior walls of the enclosure. The exterior is all horizontal beadboard that will be painted white. From the half wall up will all be glass and there will be a glass door. The door behind the shower leads to the hallway. The door right next to the toilet leads to a large walk in closet.

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