Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Antique Mirror: Before and After

I've been working non stop on furniture, so yesterday afternoon I decided to give myself a little break. The weather was beautiful (relatively speaking), the snow was melting, and I was itching to get out and about. I drove a few towns over to a little consignment shop I'd seen advertising some cool mirrors on craigslist. Most of the mirrors were pretty pricey, but this gem caught my eye. It's very large, probably about 30" in diameter, and antique. I'd say it dates to about 1890-1910. As you can see from the first picture, there's some plaster loss around the perimeter, but at $38, I thought the price was right!
When I got home I touched up the gold paint, which made the plaster loss all but disappear.
I have another large gold mirror hanging in the window nook of the master bedroom at the moment, but that mirror's actually destined to hang over our upstairs bathroom vanity, so I'll need something else to hang in the spot soon. When we're done with the bathroom, and move the rectangular mirror in, I'll hang this round mirror there. In the mean time, I've hung it over the staircase, where I quite like it.
Pics below. Enjoy!
Before- with the plaster loss.

Here's the mirror that will hang over our vanity, and the spot where the round mirror will eventually hang. You'd think I could have taken the time to shut the dresser drawers all the way before taking the picture lol. 

Post-touch up, much better!

Look how ornate and beautiful! The mirror still has it's original glass too.

I'm very fond of it, and super glad that I bought!

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