Thursday, March 14, 2013

Colorful Vintage Decor

In my home I operate within a fairly limited palette- mostly green, white, and black, with a little color added from my wall art. Other than the first apartment that I ever rented, where I was overcome with the sheer joy of having my own space to decorate, and therefore painted tropical murals all over everything, I've stayed within a muted palette for years. I like how peaceful whites and greens can be. That doesn't mean that I don't admire bright and colorful interiors, however.
There are many beautiful things I have to pass up because they would clash with my decor, but the people with those candy bright homes, they can buy anything and everything and not worry about if it will match! Since the weather insists on being dreary and unpleasant here in Connecticut, I thought we could all use a dose of cheery color.

I love the contrast of the antique green bench with the colorful throw here

tropical and cheerful and eclectic. This dining space is a feast for the eyes!

Bright yellow dining chairs ramp up a sweet little kitchen table here.

Rich saturated tones of red feel playful over a more subtle lavender background in this elegant living room.

Vintage and industrial meet in this playful kitchen space.

a glorious combination of colors and floral prints make for an upbeat an interesting sitting area here.

An easy way to add color to a space for relatively little money is to start up a collection of antique and vintage glassware. Pieces can often be found for under $10 at tag sales and flea markets.

A cool collection of vintage pieces is bright colors look so tempting here.

And another view of the same group of items, this time with an exceptional, bold floral painting as a backdrop.

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