Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Chestnut Barnboard Dining Table

This dining table found a new home on Friday night, but  I thought you'd like to see the pictures from the project. The table base is vintage. I picked it up last summer at a tag sale in Colchester, CT. The table was originally built by a local character named Ruby Cohen to be used as a poker table. I bought it straight from his house, where it had been stored in an old shed. Here's a little bio on Ruby. The top of the table was made of the most extraordinary salvaged chestnut barn boards. I'd say the barn boards were made no later than 1830. They're immensely heavy old growth with loads of character and great grain. I attached the top to the base and painted the base a more pleasing white (that pink was intense!).
Before and afters below.
This morning was the first flea market of the season and I snagged some cool stuff. I'll post pictures this evening!


  1. Bianca3/24/2013

    I found your blog by searching for robot dresser pulls, I know you said you think they're ugly but is there a chance you still have them and would sell them? Thank you

  2. Hi Bianca,
    That's so funny! I'll check my workshop when I get home and see if I kept them. I'm pretty sure I tossed them, but I'll double check just in case!
    Thank You,

  3. Bianca5/20/2013

    Hi, checking back in, are they for sure tossed? thank you