Thursday, March 21, 2013

Connecticut Spring Antiques Show Highlights Tour Part 2

I hope you all enjoyed the first portion of the highlights tour! Here is the second batch of photos of my top picks from the show floor at the 2013 Connecticut Spring Antiques Show.
Also- if you haven't noticed, I've added some new items to be inventory tab, and keep an eye on the blog as I'll have some more new projects available in the next couple days.
I'll hopefully get some new acquisitions on Sunday as well since it's the very first flea market of the season (Woooohooo!!!)

Handsome landscape painting of a tree. Sigh, it just makes me miss Summer.

This antique peanut box was something like 28 inches tall- So cool and graphic.

Stunning antique sheet metal deer weathervane.

I think this antique sign was only a few hundred dollars, which for an antique sign is an excellent deal. Would be perfect for a real estate agent!

A phenomenal collection of butter molds of every shape and size!

A very fine Connecticut shelf clock. I believe this one was done in the shop of Eli Terry.

I really really wanted this miniature chest. It was about 20 inches tall and cute as a button. At $300 it was over my price range though, and when I went back to look again, it had already sold.

Incredible piece of architectural salvage!

Fabulous antique trade sign. One of my favorite I've seen in a long time.

How cute is this little folk art panda!

I'm such a sucker for these impressionist landscapes. I want to buy them all. 

Antique hotel trade sign.

This is a cute and early tavern table. It's lost some of the height from its feet though.

I adored this pair of antique watercolors. Even their frames are cool.

This antique continuous arm Windsor chair was made in the shop of Ebenezer Tracy of Lisbon, CT.

This is such a cool antique sign. What was especially neat was that the lettering was raised up from the rest of the sign because the paint had protected the wood below it from the erosion that the unpainted wood surfaces had suffered over many years. This is always a good indicator that a sign is authentic. It's not often as clear as it was on this sign though.

Adorable little make do dry sink. Mid 19th century.

This oil on canvas theorem was monumental and incredibly beautiful. I stood and admired it for a long time.

This antique blanket chest had the loveliest early powder blue paint.

A wonderful assemblage of beautiful antique objects. My favorite in the vignette is the mustard colored hooked rug.

Such a sweet weathervane in a rare Irish Setter form.

And another handsome weathervane- Rooster with a directional arrow.

Can you imagine if you had the world's best at-home bar and this was hanging over it. You would win at life.

Very pretty federal mirror.

And another naive landscape. It reminds me a lot of the lake near our house.

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