Sunday, March 3, 2013

Decorating with Antique Blanket Chests

Starting an antiques collection can be very intimidating.  There is a vast ocean of knowledge in the antiques field, and it seems very very scary to collect without knowing or understanding. Even after almost 20 years of collecting, there is so much that I don't know. But don't be afraid! Start with one object, buy what you can afford and what you love, and ignore the haters. There will always be people out there who want to tell you that they know better. It doesn't matter. When you put objects in your home, nothing matters but that you love it.
Blanket chests are a fabulous first purchase (or purchase at anytime). I still see very nice 19th century versions for under $50. They're perfect for the foot of the bed, as a coffee table, or as convenient storage anywhere in the house. I favor the painted wooden 18th and 19th century ones. If you want a more industrial look, go for one of the wood and metal steamer trunks. If you want to change the look entirely, paint one of the steamer trunks in a bold color. I'd discourage you from re-painting one of the wooden chests though, they're more rare and desirable.
Happy hunting!
This one is actually a repro, but the color and size is so nice, and I know you can very similar vintage ones from the 1920s at almost every antique store.

I love the industrial vintage vibe that this antique steamer chest gives an otherwise modern room.

A classic cottage style bedroom with a beautiful little painted blanket chest at the foot of the bed.

Such a beautiful stack of antique blanket chests in this sunny hallway.

A chunky early 20th century style chest gets a facelift with fresh white paint here.

A pair of vintage suitcase style chests are painted white and stacked for a unique twist on the nightstand. Very cute!

 A handsome antique painted chest fits right in with this gorgeous muted room.

Another cool take on the steamer chest.
This one has been painted a cobalt blue with two white racing stripes. Very cool

Stunning classic bedroom. Simple and calming with the vintage blanket chest giving it a kick of color and interest.

I adore this seaside bedroom. The faded bottle green of the blanket chest reminds me of sea glass.
What a gorgeous space!

Another seaside cottage with a lovely little painted chest. This one is a desirable blue green, and compliments the color of window frames nicely.

For a more french country look, opt for a wicker chest instead of wood. Tres chic!

This rustic antique chest makes the perfect coffee table for a traditional antique decorated living room.

Stunning antique green grain painted chest from one of my favorite folk art dealers.
I'll take that gorgeous weathervane too,

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