Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Kaleidoscope of Cupboards

Phew* Sorry for the break in posts. I was planning to post on Sunday, but ending up getting food poisoning. It was literally the sickest I've ever been. Just now getting up and running again!
So, that aside, the weekend was not particularly productive in terms of purchasing. I went to almost 15 tag sales on Saturday morning, and ended up with just one thing. Luckily, it's a cool thing. I scored a fabulous antique emerald green jelly cupboard. Probably dates to the 1920s or 30s. I really really want to keep it, but cannot think of a single place in my house where it will fit or work. So sad! So it may have to go to a new home. I love a brightly painted antique cupboard. There seems to be a lot of them out there, and they're always so darn appealing and cheerful. I'll post a picture of mine tonight, but here are a bunch of other pretty ones to enjoy!
Such a sweet and cheerful shade of yellow!

Just gorgeous! And I like the ship model too!

Another great red cabinet provides so much storage for a child's room!

Love this green cupboard with its marble top!

A lovely shade of chalky gray blue, this cupboard looks incredibly elegant in this eclectic space.

Like a shot of sunshine, this buttery yellow cupboard warms up a country kitchen.

This is about the color of my new cupboard. Just a fabulous shade of green. Doesn't this picture just make you long for Christmas?

Such great texture and patina on this one. Really tremendous. 

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