Friday, October 5, 2012

I know just what to do with you

If you craft or create in any way, I bet you get that feeling from time to time. When you see a blank canvas and have a crystal clear idea of what should go on it. That's how I felt when I picked this sideboard up off craigslist yesterday afternoon. As soon as I saw it I had an instant vision of just how it should look. I'm going to refinish the lovely slab pine top in a warm English chestnut, with a little red undertone, paint the base a cream that has a definite leans toward mocha, and then replace the drawer pulls with those fabulous coved burnished copper ones. I think I'll distress the surface just a bit after, just so it doesn't look too new. I can't wait to start working on it!!
Just snapped this shot quickly before work. Look at the dentil molding that runs along the top, the paneled door, this piece has SUCH great bones!

This is about the wood tone I'll be looking for on the top, though with pine there will be a lot more grain and variation and interest. Pine's so awesome that way.

I'm basically addicted to these drawer pulls. I did a kitchen renovation with them over the summer, then switched out my own kitchen handles to these, and I've been just itching to use some on a project.

This is about the color I would want on the piece, with just a little bit of sheen, maybe a satin finish.

I really like the distressing on this one. And who can argue with cut glass drawer pulls!

So lovely. This is very much the feel I'll be shooting for on my sideboard.

Another great piece with wonderful detail and cut glass drawer pulls again.

Leggy and delicate. This piece feels a bit swedish, right? Love it.

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