Thursday, October 18, 2012

Drama Queen

Phew* the furniture refinishing gods just granted a wish for me and I found the camera cord for my new camera in a pile of leaves in my drive way. I lost it two weeks ago and was having to use my crappy old camera (did you notice the colors in the pictures were a little off?). I was convinced I lost that cable while out visiting tag sales, can't image how it got in a leaf pile, but seriously not complaining!!
Here's a fun dining set that I just finished and wanted to share with you. The chairs are antique, solid mahogany. The table is oak. I think I was a bit inspired by the drama of fall, and also the really wonderful turnings on both the table and chairs. I decided to go a little dramatic, and do the whole set in black gloss, with cream canvas cloth seat colors for contrast. I had initially planned to do white chairs/white table base, wood stained table top. I'm so so glad I went this route though. The results are pretty lovely!
First a couple inspiration pics, then before and afters. Enjoy!


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