Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Little Color for a Dreary Day

It's been foggy and misty and damp for days and days. Luckily, I have a huge supply of corduroy skinny jeans, tweed blazers, and boots. So, I'm ready. But a little color also helps to brighten up the rainy day blues. I've been working on two projects at home that inspired this post. I've got an adorable antique oak dresser and an equally smashing little chestnut dresser. The chestnut dresser is getting painted rich emerald green, and oak dresser will be bright cherry red. They've been so fun to work on. I know that using a bright color limits the potential buyers for the pieces, but By Zeus it's been super satisfying to paint something a nice saturated color for once! I think I'm just going to start painting things brighter colors. At least a few a month. It may or may not be raining in your neck of the woods today, but I thought we could all benefit from some pretty things painted pretty dressers. Without further ado, a dresser kaleidoscope.
This is just lovely. I adore the way the photo has been staged, and the very very subtle elements of holiday are wonderful.

Also gorgeous. This is such a great piece, and the way it's been refinished is brilliant. 

Such a bright engaging color!

You can get pieces like this for almost nothing on craigslist, sometime for free. They often start with hutch tops, which are generally removable. With a little color and creativity, you can make them into faaaaabulous sideboards.

Love love love this little dresser. Wouldn't it be sweet as a nightstand!

I've had this picture in my folder for as long as I've been refinishing furniture. I actually found an almost identical little dresser last fall that I painted a light green. This is one of my very favorite furniture pictures in the world.

So unique and beautiful. I love how the mirror picks up the color of the dresser here and there.

What a great depth this surface has. Someone took a lot of time layering and glazing, and the work paid off.

This dresser has such amazing lines, it would be hard to go wrong. The cobalt blue is brilliant.

Simple and serene, I could see this going in a beach house bedroom.

A simple form, but upgraded with nice hardware and a deep lovely blue. And the map behind it is terrific as well.

I have trouble with purple. It's probably my least favorite color, but this lilac-y tone is pleasant and simple.

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