Wednesday, October 3, 2012

On Dining Sets

So here's a confession. Some of my dining sets did not start life as sets. I frequently find the perfect antique table, or the perfect set of chairs, and then hold on to them, unfinished, until I come across just the right table/chairs. Through the years, tables and chairs get separated from each other, so you often find just the chairs, just the table, just waiting for a second chance, a new dance partner, and a fresh look. I think we can all agree that dining sets sold today are way too matchy matchy. Where's the fun to that? Since I moved to my house three and half years ago I've had four dining tables, and four chair sets, none started life as sets. But all looked fabulous when combined.
The way I see it, dining sets are a movable feast (i'm hilarious). It's good to shake things up a bit. Believe it or not, I've actually taken two complete sets, and swapped the chairs, just to mix it up, make it more exciting, more unexpected.
As you may know, my current dining set is assembled from a mission oak library table, and a mix of six different mission oak dining chairs, all of which were collected one at a time, all of which are slightly different. That's the fun of it. Because please don't ever forget all of this, furniture, decor, design, thrifting, painting all of it is supposed to be fun.
Here are some fabulous mix and match dining sets.
Such a great idea. Take a bunch of drastically different chairs, and paint them all the same bold color. I also love the hanging christmas ornament chandelier. Stunning.

The red and yellow are so warm together. Who would have thought wicker chairs and thumb back windsors could look so chic!

An incredibly rustic table is balanced by some seriously modern chairs.

I'm such a sucker for a bistro chair. I love them combined here with the long white dining table. With different chairs, the table could read as decidedly more modern.

Though the entire set has a retro mid century look to it, the chairs and table clearly started life separately. But my they look lovely together!

Or take the same Queen Anne style chair and paint it six different shades. So cheerful and fresh!

Another nice example of four different, though stylistically similar chairs, refinished to match.

I love the take no prisoners upholstery. Don't like massive scale houndstooth, tough luck.

A casual dining set remains elegant and cohesive by keeping the table and chairs in the same wood tone color family.

Parsons chairs, mod office chairs, and a classic dining set. It doesn't sound like it would work, but look how beautiful the end result is!

Sometimes simplicity is the best route. Here, a plain white dining table has gotten some pizzaz with the addition of a set of six matching white aluminum chairs. I love this space.

I found these while I was researching the topic. Look familiar? That's because I refinished an almost identical set of six last month. Do you see how much these are listed for?! Holy moly!

Here's my set of six solid oak dining chairs. I can tell you they are drastically less than $1800.00! (and I think even more chic!)

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