Sunday, April 2, 2017

Shed Salvation

DID YOU MISS ME????? If you did, it's only because you're not following Heir and Space on facebook ----> because I have been updating that page on a daily basis and there are, I think, four projects at least that didn't make it to the blog during the unintended hiatus.
       If you hate facebook, I've also kept up to current on the Heir and Space instagram account, so you can check that too. If I were a good and kind blogger, I'd go back and write posts for the pieces I missed, but ehhhhhhhhh. Sorry darlings, by the time I hit this old macbook at 8:30pm I've been working for usually around twelve hours straight- ten of which are in a chilly and desperately over crowded workshop.
       But that's ok. I'm damn determined to keep up in April. Let's start the month off on the right foot with an adorable mid 20th century solid rock maple drop leaf dining table. It's cute as a button now- but was pretty grimy when it came to me last week. The owner just recently purchased a new (old) home and found the table in the shed. It fits perfectly in the kitchen, and surely must have been purchased new for that spot around 75 years ago. There's something so very very wonderful to me about this table getting found, saved from shed banishment, and returned in full shining glory to the spot where it proudly stood decades ago. I swear I might get a mite misty- but that could be the wine.
       The client opted for a blonde finish for the maple top, and a cottage white for the base. We kept the original drawer pull as well, since it was just right. Maple is a deliciously resilient wood- it's tough as oak and mahogany, but more playful and willing to take stains and colors readily. This top in particular is a trooper, it had been to hell and back in that shed, but just look at it now!!

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