Monday, April 17, 2017

A Bennington Pine Dresser in Blue

I remember the last time I was this frantic with stress and work. It was last August. And then too, it was the blog that suffered, so again, sorry that I'm not updating as frequently as before, but also again, if you're worried about missing any content-every single scrap of furniture I slap with a paint brush gets posted to both my instagram account (@heirandspace) and my facebook page (
          Two new posts tonight though!
So first and foremost. I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR!!!!! I mean yes, I'm so stressed and busy that at any moment I may very well burst into tears, and I currently have the focus of a concussed gnat, but BUT everything is blooming! The daffodils, the hyacinth, the cherry trees, the pear trees, the magnolia, the dandelions, the violets, and all the trees get are these wonderful fluffy neon green poofs. It's just perfection. Absolute complete and total perfection.
         And speaking of perfection, how about this c.1970 solid pine dresser by Bennington! I loooooove Bennington, they're one of my very favorite furniture manufacturers. Their stuff is always chunky, and robust, and beautifully built, and SO UGLY when it starts. Perfect for an upcycle. I bought this dresser at the flea market a few weeks ago and a new client snatched it up for a custom refinish for her baby son's room.  We went with a custom mixed deep blue, a fairly light top that really shows off the pine grain, and new (vintage) pulls.

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  1. Another beautiful piece. I think the vintage pulls really make this piece. I love the light top too. It really allows the grain of the wood to come through.