Thursday, March 16, 2017

A French Provincial Tall Chest in Green

This was just one of those lucky things. My husband and I happened to swing through the Glastonbury goodwill last week (one of our favorite diversions on date day-Sunday Afternoon). He likes to look at the boards games and see if there's any classical CDs, I'm looking for basically everything. And that Sunday afternoon I struck pay dirt. An immaculate solid cherry c.1965 French Provincial tall chest. The only sad part was that it had a gooooorgeous matching low chest that someone had already bought. Ah well, at least I got this darling.
        A refinished the chest custom for a client to go in her toddler daughter's room. She opted for a cheerful spring of spring green, "Aloe My Love" which is a custom Heir and Space color I used on a hutch about a month ago. I kept as much of the original hardware as possible, but because one of the top pulls was missing, I had to re-arrange a bit. I went with circular solid brass backplates and salvaged brass knobs that had the perfect oxidation to match the patina of the original lower pulls. I kept two of the remaining three backplates, but moved them to the center of the drawers as keyhole escutcheons. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that this drawer pull arrangement is actually MUCH better looking than the original was.
          Finally, I refinished the solid cherry top, playing up it's rich deep tones to contrast playfully with the spring green.


  1. Carolyn3/24/2017

    Moving the backplates to the center as keyhole escutcheons was genius! What a difference that makes.

  2. absolutely gorgeous. I love the additional hardware. It accentuates the piece beautifully.