Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A Vanity in Black

Another spot on set of design choices by this client for this c.1920 walnut veneer over chestnut vanity. It's a miraculous piece to begin with, all the glorious carving and detail work, but the charcoal gray highlighting, the glass knobs, the sophisticated satiny black- perfection.
      This vanity is a family piece- the client's grandmother's, and had been stored in a garage for some time. Moisture exposure had done a bit of a number on it, and the veneer was shedding off it in chips and chunks. Before painting I had to remove all the damaged veneer from the sides of the case, and patch a few chips in the drawer fronts. It worked out for the best because, under the tired walnut veneer, is solid chestnut. Painted a smooth black, the light still catches the graining of the chestnut under the paint, and the effect is sooooo pretty in person.
      After I painted I highlighted all the raised floral detailing with a little paint brush and a pot of charcoal gray paint, then gently sanded with 220 grit before sealing with wax.

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