Sunday, April 2, 2017

Art Deco Sideboard LOVE

There are all these phrases that people claim stereotypical white suburban girls say. They include:
"Can I Just"
"I can't even"
Welllllllllllll. For this c.1930 art deco sideboard- all of the above, but hold the ugg boots and starbucks latte. Seriously though (which I know is also on that list), this sideboard kicks some serious bookend matched mahogany and burled walnut ass. It's so effing terrific. It make's the furniture-ista in me want to do the charleston.
       This was custom for a client. She wanted light and bright but old woods can be as stubborn and willful...which is likely their right if they've managed to survive use and abuse for a hundred or so years. So I sanded the top, and drawer and door fronts, but when I added a clear coat to prep for poly (minwax natural), this is what happened-
It kind of took my breath away. It looks like I'm using a dark walnut stain on pine the difference is so dramatic- but the stain has no pigment, it's just supposed to bring out the luster of the wood. Well...ok then.
Luckily, the client was still pleased with the effect!

I painted the case in linen white-not distressed, but sealed with my patented (not actually) dark wax. The interior is a fun twist in Benjamin Moore's Balsam. We kept the original brass and bakelite drawer pulls but re-colored them for a bit more modern spin.
I think this one is absolutely enchanting. Suuuuuuch a fun and different piece to work totes. ;-)

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