Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A Federal Dresser From the Side of the Road

I'm swamped. Desperately desperately swamped. Have you ever seen a ship get swamped? I haven't in person, but I've seen videos, and I've read multiple books about such nautical disasters  (Perfect Storm is a must read). Anyway what happens is the ship encounters some problem- usually rough seas, and the more angry unrelenting ocean crashes into and over the deck, the more the ship lists, and the lower it sits in the water, which means even more water can flow in at an even faster rate in an exponential sinking curve, up the curve climbs, ever steeper, and down the ship goes.
That's me right now.

I'm so happy to be so busy, and so completely booked with custom work, but my eye has started to twitch, my heart is constantly skipping beats now, and I keep forgetting to eat. I'm at about a 35% list.
I DID NOT need more on my plate... but then, driving home from the flea market on Sunday morning I spotted this c.1940 Federal mahogany dresser AND a 1930s walnut dresser with mirror on the side of the road. How could I not stop, surely I should take on more cargo, list or no, I couldn't leave these beauties adrift. The dresser with mirror is also done, and was custom for a client, but this sweet dresser was not spoken for. So even though I have enough custom jobs to keep ten men busy for thirty years, I refinished it straight away. If I don't allow myself an indulgence every now and then, this stops being fun entirely.

        Here is my little indulgence. A piece that practically fell in my lap and had SO much potential. I mixed a custom blue for the piece, and then highlighted all the trim in an even paler shade of blue. I lightly distressed and sealed the case, I refinished the top back to a deep rich mahogany, and swapped the drawer pulls for salvaged brass knobs that I colored a patina'd dusky shade.
        I love this piece. I'm not sorry for playing hookey from other more pressing things to reinvent it. But now I have to work doubly hard to bail out of my ever increasing list. If I make it to May with my sanity intact, it's going to be a miracle.